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February 5th 2018: Best Sports Ever (80 x 1'30")

Best Sports Ever Season 3 now rolling out on Knowledge Network Canada coinciding with the Winter Olympics! Thanks Knowledge! Go Canada!

October 9th 2017: MIPCOM 2017

Meet Katuri, Duri, Bobby, Jack and Chip in the final episodes of Katuri (52 x 7') now available for delivery and screening in the MIP Junior digital library! And discover the wonders of the natural world with them - new animal Firefly friends to be found in the middle of the night, or skillful Otters showing off their skating style with the change of season, take cover from the rain under some delightful natural leaf hats or brave a ride on a beautiful snake train! So many enchanting things to discover together or under Mother's watchful eye! 

March 29th 2017: MIP TV 2017

Adorable KATURI (52 x 7') - check out the latest English episodes at MIP TV and fall in love with the cutest chicks ever as they discover the joys, surprises and shocks of nature!

BEST SPORTS EVER 3 now available for delivery!

September 7th 2016: MIPCOM 2016

It's been a very sporty summer and now the Paralympics are starting, TFO are already airing BEST SPORTS EVER SEASON 2 featuring Wheelchair Tennis, Surfing, Roller-Skating and more!

KATURI BEGINNINGS (50 x 7')  - the new season sees the launch on KBS Korea - check out the English episodes at Mip Junior! 

April 1st 2016: MIP TV 2016

Hot off the press...

Check out Best Sports Ever Season 1 on HMH's Curious World platform in the US now! 


Yum Yum & You (78 x 4') - Over 4 million views on Teremok TV's Youtube Channel since January 2016!


Have a great market!

September 28th 2015: MIPCOM 2015

Launching at this year's MIPCOM is Funny Flux's adorable new preschool offering Katuri beginnings (52 x 7'). This series is a prequel to later dramas, invoking the joys of country life as five little chicks make their way in the world under the watchful eye of mother pheasant Katuri. Each chick experiences the wonders of the natural world through their own unique set of emotions and responses. Preview the trailer now at the MIPCOM Junior digital library or visit our stand at MIPCOM at Creative Europe Media on the 4th floor of the Palais to see the first full episode!


June 1st 2015: Summer 2015
September 15th: MIPCOM 2014

Showcasing at this year's Mipcom the English version of Annecy 2014 Best TV Special award winning The Scent of Carrots (1 x 26') - recently picked up by SVT Sweden, DR Denmark, NRK Norway, Télé Quebec Canada and Czech TV. Also launching from BAFTA and International Emmy Award winning Belfast based studio Black North together with award winning producer Chris Martin a new family feature - FINN IN THE FOREST (1 x 60'). Preview at Junior - and visit our stand at Creative Europe Media on the 4th floor of the Palais for a 6' extract!

February 5th 2014: KIDSCREEN 2014!
September 9th 2013: September 2013 News

New KIOKA (78 x 7') International Sales!


Joining the ranks of international broadcasters on board : THAI PBS, RTV Slovenia! Turkey, Ukraine, Israel at signature!


-  ABC Australia

-  E Vision Dubai

-  Irib Iran

-  JEI TV Korea

-  KBS Korea

-  Knowledge Network Canada

-  MTV Oy Finland

-  OKTO Singapore

-  Olleh TV Korea

-  Piwi + France

-  Rai Yoyo Italy

-  TG4 Ireland

-  Tooniverse Korea

-  Yoyo TV Taiwan

October 2nd 2012: MIPCOM 2012

YUM YUM and YOU (104 x 5')


As featured in Kidscreen’s Summit Issue – Pipeline Section ……. From the creators of Ivick Von Salza The Little Lumberjack comes a new series about an optimistic little creature named YUM YUM!   Living on Planet Nuf, planet of adorable, pastel-coloured Cyclops, Yum Yum and his sister Dyvi, encounter lots of challenges as they explore their world –  apples stuck in apple trees, kittens stuck in apple trees, dealing with dentists when they don’t know what a dentist is! But, together with their parents and the narrator who invokes regular audience participation, Yum Yum discovers that overcoming unusual circumstances and everyday life obstacles is easier with teamwork and a smile!

Click here to view two episodes


Kioka (78 x 7') Goldilocks Studio/KBS


Awol is delighted to announce that ABC Australia joins the growing list of international broadcasters on board for the charming pre-school show Kioka in the run up to Mip TV! With the first episodes already airing on KBS Korea, ABC, Icelandic Broadcasting Corporation and E Vision Dubai will take delivery of the first 26 episodes of the show in April. In the meantime advanced discussions with broadcasters in Canada, Thailand and Taiwan are currently underway.

FUNGI (26 x 7'): Stor Fisk/TV Catalunya/Top Draw


First episodes now on-line for screening.  And congratulations to Paka Paka Argentina – once again first in the ring as our first international broadcaster on board ! Musical Max, fantastical Frida and marvellous mysteries up soon for their 6–10 year olds!


Gombby's Green Island (52 x 13'): Big Storm Studios:

Gombby’s Green Island hits number one pre-school slot in early 2012 on RTP in Portugal boosting book sales to almost 100,000 units in the territory!

New Licensing and Merchandising Partners now include Master Toy Licensee Giochi Preziosi as well as Panini on board in Spain where the show returns to TVE’s Clan TV in early May.

Wismo (52 x 3'): Nadasdy Film/RTS/EBU:

First international buyers on board include YLE Finland, TV Andorra, Télé Québec, Paka Paka Argentina, BHT Bosnia and TV5 Monde! (Evidently the Paka Paka sale is a moment of national and international pride for Swiss producer Nicolas Burlat’s Argentinian wife Karina!) French and English versions now available for delivery.

September 6th 2011: MIPCOM 2011 News

Gombby's Green Island (52 x 13') Now completed and airing on Clan TV Spain with audience ratings of 40% in the 4-6 year old target age group, this Top Three pre-school show on RTP Portugal has already reaped over 3 million hits on YouTube for the Gombby's Green Island video clips featuring some of the show's hit songs.

Kioka (78 x 7') – recently featured in a Kidscreen Hot Stuff article and with first international broadcast deals in place with Icelandic Broadcasting Corporation and E Junior Dubai, this curious and confident little girl will be making her presence felt at Mipcom with new episodes in the Mip Junior screening sessions!

Wismo (52 x 3') – a Nadasdy Films/EBU coproduction. Launching at Mip Junior Wismo, a friendly little imp with a magical bundle, travels through the world of European fairytales and legends across time from ancient antiquity to the 20th century. With typical traditional or folk music illustrating each episode from the different regions, Wismo, the hidden hero of these fairytales – the one we've never heard of until now – finally gets his chance to shine!

Fungi (26 x 7') As featured at this year's Forum Cartoon! Meet fantastical Frida, Max the Musician and their - oh so interesting – neighbours... the Undergrounders! It's no wonder they never fail to fire the imaginations of Frida and Max - astute observers of the comings and goings of the community around them. It all makes for a rather thrilling view of everyday life - especially when mysteries arise and Max and Frida get involved to solve them! (6-10 year olds)

Katuri (1 x 28') A new Family special also launching at Mip Junior.  Based on the renowned children's novel from celebrated Korean author Jung-Saeng Kwon, KATURI recounts a tender and delicate coming of age tale of nine little country chicks to whom life has given the most precious of gifts – a loving and protective mother. An inspirational story of how that most unconditional of loves can give you wings.

1 Minute in a Museum Season 4 (40 x 1'). Now completed. Entirely dedicated to Arts of the Peoples of the World, from the collections of the Quai Branly Museum Paris, these amazing collections continue to thrill this trio of inveterate museum goers and inspire their very pertinent – and sometimes impertinent – comments!

March 9th 2011: MIP TV 2011 News

Awol launches at this year’s Mip TV:
Gombby’s Green Island (52 x 13’).
Airing on RTP and Panda Portugal since 2010 this Top 5 pre-school show goes international at MIP TV 2011. Home to Gombby, Strawy, Celeste, a very sleepy little boy called …. Sleepy…… and all their friends, Green Island is a world where Gombby and his friends learn about the importance of friendship and sharing. A pro-social series - but not just that! Gombby’s Green Island builds children’s general knowledge and gives them confidence to make healthy lifestyle choices too! Adventures with their favourite inventor, Gadget Man, together with Rainmaker, LighthouseMaid and Windmiller make for a very exciting life built around the concerns of pre-schoolers – missing bicycles, strangers on Green Island, football matches – and projects to achieve – building Green Island’s radio station, going to the moon and setting traps to catch carrot thieves!
Episodes 1- 26 – now available
Episodes 26-52 – July 2011

Kioka (78 x 7’).
Created by Korean Michelle Kim together with Canadian Nuranee Shaw and produced by Goldilocks Studios in co-production with KBS, the show targets the younger end of the pre-school market and is already enchanting Korean audiences with its gorgeous graphic universe and North American scripting. KIOKA - a curious and confident little girl, who has a very special way of looking at things! And when she shakes her magical snow globe amazing things happen.

Delivery of the first 26 episodes – October 2011.
Episodes 27-52 – March 2012.

The Snow Queen (1 x 26’)
From the heart of Catalunya comes a stunning version of this Hans Christian Andersen fairytale for all the family to discover – and re-discover!
Best friends Kay and Gerda play together every day until, one cold winter’s day, the Snow Queen kidnaps Kay on her sleigh. Thereafter, Gerda travels into unknown territories in search of him until they finally find each other again.

New Deliveries:
Ivick Von Salza – The Little Lumberjack (52 x 2’) – comedy intersitials for a 4-8 year old audience – now available for delivery.
Pirates of the Seven Seas (26 x 5’) – Male and female pirates take the seas by storm – now completed!
1 Minute in a Museum – Season 4 – English version available May 2011.

August 25th 2010: MIPCOM 2010 News

Launching at this year's Mipcom, Rocket Cartoon's first series "Ivick Von Salza – The Little Lumberjack" (52 x 2') in HD.

A comedy based series of interstitials illustrating the lumberjacking life and life beyond lumberjacking in the heart of the big woods! Created in sunny Costa Rica, the series, set on snowy mountain tops (no need to wonder why!), introduces us to Malta, Ivick's pink pet pig and Vigoras - Dad of Dads. Together with some rather interesting snowy mountain top neighbours they all make for a lot of fun! 20 episodes now completed, full delivery scheduled for December 2010.

Next up: Pirates of the Seven Seas! (26 x 5') Target Age group – 6-10 year olds.
Discover the men and women who terrorised the Seven Seas down through history — French, Spanish, English, Irish and more! And learn their own very special jargon too!
ALL ABOARD! SHIP AHOY! Delivery schedule: French version now available. English version January 2011.

And finally, for all the fans of the first series of Funny Animals (26 x 2'), the second series launches on Canal + Jeunesse this autumn and the English version will be available for delivery in December 2010.


18-05-2009:  JUST SO STORIES (10 x 13’) in the spotlight at Stuttgart Animation Festival 09!

March 25th 2009: MIPCOM 2009 News

Madame Mo Series 2 (30x2'): the second family targeted series now completed and available for delivery!
New international sales in place include: Just So Stories (10x13'): From the stories by Rudyard Kipling: Rai Cinema Italy, Canal France International, TV Catalunya Spain, YLE Swedish Department, Botswana TV.
MOKO (52x4'): TSR Switzerland, Barcelona Multimedia, NRK Norway, YLE TV2, Al Jazeera Childrens' Channel Middle East, Alter Channel/Modern Times Group Greece, Didak Brazil.
Carefree Capers (26x4'): TV Escola Brazil, Al Jazeera Childrens' Channel.

September 1st 2008: MIPCOM 2008 News

Newly completed HD pre-school series Carefree Capers (26 x 5’) heads up awol animation’s Mipcom line-up this year.

Produced by Sansoucis Productions, in collaboration with co-pro partners Cap Canal France, the CNC, CRAV and Nao, the series premieres internationally this Autumn on the Disney Channel Japan with a roll-out in the Middle East on the Al Jazeera Childrens’ Channel scheduled for later this year.

Caroline Desnoettes, illustrator and painter, published by Editions Albin Michel/Hachette/La Réunion des Musées Nationaux and creator of the crayon-style graphic universe of the Carefree Capers hamlet introduces us to Howard and Harriet, Paulette and Juliet, Rosie and Romeo and all their farmyard friends. Set to storyboards penned from the perspective of on-stage clown Catherine Le Guen these friends like nothing better than to exaggerate the tiniest details of farmyard life, making mountains out of molehills – and molehills where there are none! Life is so much more fun after all when there’s a drama down at the farm … the sudden appearance of pink milk, Harriet looking for greener grass, Paulette’s Pants Parade - whatever next?!

Using an original, in-house created software technique, Sansoucis Productions sets the characters in cookie-cut relief – and the series plays out to a bossa nova in the country soundtrack.

Howard and Harriet, Paulette, Juliet and friends all love to play with words too – every episode ends with a good-advice-for- life “aphorism” - as in the words of Trevor …

“Too many questions can give you indigestion!”

August 29th 2007: MIPCOM 2007 News

New at this year’s Mipcom and Mipcom Junior from the producers of "Funny Animals" comes MOKO, the Young Explorer” (52 x 4’30”).
A Le Regard Sonore coproduction with Cross River, the series follows the exploits of a young boy, MOKO, as he ventures from continent to continent encountering the strange magic of natural phenomena along the way, and finally finding out their explanations - which don’t always suit him!
Africa, Asia, the South Sea Islands, the Americas and Europe all bring their own surprises!

April 24th 2007: MIP TV 2007 News

From producers Le Regard Sonore and French pre-school channel Piwi...
Funny Animals (26 x 2'30'')
Hippos at the beauty salon, baboons dancing the Swing, plovers cleaning crocodiles’ teeth, slow sloths sleeping morning till night…
Funny, bubbly and easily memorised songs take you into a 2D/3D world where animals play along with a child’s imagination in dreams of the savannah and flying lions, giraffes rowing down the Nile, armies of lemurs snuggling up… and Love Trees welcoming them all !
Funny Animals: a remedy for rainy days!

February 5th 2018
Best Sports Ever (80 x 1'30")
Best Sports Ever Season 3 now rolling out on Knowledge Network Canada coinciding with the Winter Olympics! Thanks Knowledge! Go Canada!
October 9th 2017
Meet Katuri, Duri, Bobby, Jack and Chip in the final episodes of Katuri (52 x 7') now available for delivery and screening in the MIP Junior digital library! And discover the wonders of the natural world with them - new animal Firefly friends to be found in the middle of the night, or skillful Otters showing off…