Tobi is a little boy who wants to make his world a better place to live in. This beautiful hand-drawn preschool series from Little Airplane Productions premiered on Treehouse TV Canada and Nickelodeon Australia as part of UNICEF’s International Children’s Day of Broadcasting.

Complex topics such as pollution, homelessness and endangered species are distilled into clear, gentle and visually striking poems that will charm preschoolers and their families.

Episodes include The Beach, Tobi and the Bonkle, No Place Like Home and The Wall. Perfect for Special Event Programming with green themes!


Asia Nickelodeon
Australia Nickelodeon
Canada (English Speaking) Treehouse
Denmark DR TV
Finland YLE
Iceland Icelandic Broadcasting Corporation
Iran Irib
Malaysia TV Alhijrah
Norway NRK
Sweden SVT
USA Discovery Education
USA (SVOD) Curious World, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The Beach (Finnish)

The wall (English)

No place like home (English)

March 29th 2017
MIP TV 2017
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September 7th 2016
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