English Olympic footballer, Arsenal's Rachel Yankey OBE and the Footy Pups join forces to bring not only the fun, but the skills back into kids’ football!

In each live action / animation episode, Rachel teaches a group of children a new football skill such as passing, coordination and dribbling.
Footy Pups celebrates a game that’s all about thinking, developing skills and playing as a team – but most of all about having fun with friends!
Through the Footy Pups adventures and Rachel's simple, fun practice drills and games, young viewers willl learn a diverse range of skills for all sports and for life.

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Africa, Middle East BBC Worldwide
Hong Kong TVB
South Korea EBS
Thailand Thai PBS
UK Cbeebies

FOOTY PUPS LIVE ACTION - Teamwork (English)

FOOTY PUPS LIVE ACTION - Healthy Eating (English)

Finalist (preschool category) The Japan Prize 2015
Nominee Best Pre-School Programme Broadcast Awards 2017
October 9th 2017
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