Theo's last trials and tribulations!


In this series Theo discovers Basque Pelota, Discus Throwing and Croquet amongst others.


Have you tried these?


Theo's now tried out 80 sports - he's great at some, not so great at others, but he certainly is a great trier!

And that's the most important thing! 

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Series 3 - Basque Pelota (French)

Series 3 - 400m Relay (French)

Series 3 - Croquet (French)

Saison 3 - Acrobatic gymnastics (English)

Saison 3 - Ski jumping (English)

Saison 3 - 400m Relay (English)

February 5th 2018
Best Sports Ever (80 x 1'30")
Best Sports Ever Season 3 now rolling out on Knowledge Network Canada coinciding with the Winter Olympics! Thanks Knowledge! Go Canada!
October 9th 2017
Meet Katuri, Duri, Bobby, Jack and Chip in the final episodes of Katuri (52 x 7') now available for delivery and screening in the MIP Junior digital library! And discover the wonders of the natural world with them - new animal Firefly friends to be found in the middle of the night, or skillful Otters showing off…