Wismo, a friendly little imp with a magical bundle, travels through the world of European fairytales and legends across time from ancient antiquity to the 20th century.

Living in a forest which could be in Brittany or in the heart of Scandinavia, Wismo’s travels take him through landscapes inspired by medieval illuminations, art nouveau and artists such as Bosh, Klimt and Nikki de Saint-Phalle. These different universes celebrate the diversity of the continent while rooted in our common culture.

With typical traditional or folk music illustrating each episode from the different regions, Wismo, the hidden hero of these fairytales – the one we’ve never heard of until now – finally gets his chance to shine!


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-  first Wismo Apps (French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese);

-  Electronic Books (French, Italian, Spanish)

© Nadasdy Film 2011

Argentina Paka Paka
Asia Disney Channel
Bosnia and Herzegovina BHT
Canada (French Speaking) Télé-Québec
Finland YLE
Iran Irib
Mexico Canal 22
Portugal RTP
Slovenia RTV
Switzerland RTS
World (French Speaking) TV5 Monde

The day when... Soup won a battle (English)

The day when... A prince became a wise man (English)

The day when... A small boy put out a fire (English)

The day when... A woodcutter stole a strand of red hair (English)

The day when... A fish with golden scales was caught (English)

Le jour où...Wismo rencontra Dame Truficole (French)

Le jour où...une soupe fit gagner une bataille (French)

Le jour où...un seigneur se retrouva seul (French)

Le jour où...un paysan lance son cochon dans les airs (French)

Le jour où... un joueur de flute envouta un village (French)

February 5th 2018
Best Sports Ever (80 x 1'30")
Best Sports Ever Season 3 now rolling out on Knowledge Network Canada coinciding with the Winter Olympics! Thanks Knowledge! Go Canada!
October 9th 2017
Meet Katuri, Duri, Bobby, Jack and Chip in the final episodes of Katuri (52 x 7') now available for delivery and screening in the MIP Junior digital library! And discover the wonders of the natural world with them - new animal Firefly friends to be found in the middle of the night, or skillful Otters showing off…