2012 saw the opening of a stunning new wing at the Louvre Museum in Paris, entirely dedicated to the enchanting and myserious world of Islamic Art.
And Series 111 of this internationally renowned series sees the familiar trio of Rafael, Mona and Nabi entering this unfamiliar world of very ancient arts which has so influenced much of our Western arts and way of life.
Still curious, still questioning, the three discover carved wooden friezes from 15th century Egypt, decorative plates from 10th century Iran, astrolabes showing the way to Mecca, together with horoscopes and amazing bracelets to wear on your arm or ankles — a fabulous collection of treasures which provokes wonder, ever more questions and that now famous trio's usual repartee!

 Copyrights 2008 Les Films de l'Arlequin, Ma Planète, France 3, Le Musée du Louvre. 

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Two Armies Fighting (English)

Ewer with Rooster Head (English)

Islamic art (Hebrew)

Baptisère de Saint Louis (French)

Two Armies Fighting (Mandarin)

Royal Feast (Mandarin)

Ewer signed Ibn Mawaliya (Mandarin)

Selected Amiens International Film Festival - France
Selected Annecy International Animated Film Festival - France
Selected Istanbul International Children's Film Festival - Turkey
Selected Nueva Mirada – Brazil
Selected Animabasauri International Film Festival - Spain
Selected Cartoons on the Bay - Positano ITALY
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