A rabbit is looking for a new burrow. He finds a lovely spot at the foot of a tree where a squirrel has made its home. The two animals, both lovers of fine food, soon become good neighbours and friends and enjoy sharing their favourite recipes.


Two foxes, a male and a female, also meet and are looking for a lair in which to spend the winter. To decide who will get the place they have found, they play at who will bring back the choicest morsel!


A quarrel breaks out between the rabbit and the squirrel over their different eating habits, and the squirrel in his anger, makes the impulsive decision to move out of its tree. He carelessly takes to the road at night and meets the fox who is hungrily looking for its prey!


The rabbit, taking the blame for what has happened to the squirrel, manages to save it from being eaten by the fox. They make amends over a new recipe for carrot cake...


The foxes nevertheless also have some tasty treats to assuage their hearts and appetites! And for all carrot lovers  (if there are any of you out there!) - ask us about the three short features: Carrot Jam (1 x 6')/The Giant Carrot (1 x 6')/The Little Hedgehog who shared ..... (1 x 5') - (we love them anyhow)!

© 2013 Les Films du Nord et La Boîte,... Productions

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The Scent of Carrots - Teaser (Français)

The Scent of Carrots - Teaser (English)

Best TV Special award Annecy 2014
October 9th 2017
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