Based on the best selling children’s novel from celebrated Korean author Jung-Saeng Kwon, KATURI recounts a tender and delicate coming of age tale of nine little country chicks to whom life has given the most precious of gifts – a loving and protective mother.
One day, while strolling in the Spring sunshine of the forest, wildfires alight and quickly encircle the chicks and their mother. It seems like there’s no way out!

Will they survive? And what memories of that day will they carry in their hearts? An inspirational story of how that most unconditional of loves can give you wings.

Copyrights Andong/ KwonJungSaeng
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Extract (English)

March 29th 2017
MIP TV 2017
Adorable KATURI (52 x 7') is now completed! Check out the latest English episodes at MIP TV and fall in love with Sejji, Maji, Kkongji and Duri as they discover the joys, surprises and shocks of nature!BEST SPORTS EVER 3 now available for delivery!
September 7th 2016
It's been a very sporty summer and now the Paralympics are starting, TFO are already airing BEST SPORTS EVER SEASON 2 featuring Wheelchair Tennis, Surfing, Roller-Skating and more!KATURI BEGINNINGS (50 x 7')  - the new season sees the launch on KBS Korea - check out the English episodes at Mip Junior!